From Belize...

In January 2017, I traveled to Belize City, Belize to work with the administration and the incredibly enthusiastic musicians of the National Youth Orchestra of Belize. I taught private lessons, coached the orchestra, and exchanged pedagogical ideas with students and faculty. Below you'll find a few excerpts from my travel journal.

 The Caribbean (#nofilter) 

The Caribbean (#nofilter) 

Third World Country? //

So this is what it is, yet I am oddly at home...

sitting on a dirty couch, cigarette ash dusting the floor.

I am here to change, to move, to love, to explore

as the most raw reminders of what it is to be human

yell, "Hot Tamales," sleep on the street, 

flashing, now and then, a smile of gold and missing teeth. 

Funny how I am supposed to be the teacher here...


 approaching Caye Caulker Island

approaching Caye Caulker Island

Ferry from Caye Caulker  //

The Creoles, The Taiwanese, The Children, the Canadian living in Colombia, 

their dark, light, speckled, sunburnt, sagging skins

are married by the tugging of heavy eye lids. 

But I could not sleep, fascinated by how the murmuring waves

match the heaving, helpless rhythm of our dormant bodies. 


 Go Slow 

Go Slow